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I'm a HERO~!

It's All About YOU
Name or Nickname: Amanda; Hikari
Gender: Female
What do you LOVE?: anime, manga, videogames, reading, writing, music, fandom, my friends, my family, cats, computers, the internet, Japan, learning about different languages and cultures, cute things in general
And what do you HATE?: rudeness, disrespect, drama, ignorance, discrimination, homophobia/racism/sexism/etc, roaches, rap music, large crowds, speaking in public, stress, conflict, character/pairing/fandom/etc bashing in general and shipwars (when it comes to fandom) because not only is it incredibly silly to bash something fictional, but I also hate confrontations when it's about something I like ;~;
Strengths: respectful, kind, polite, loyal, faithful, accepting, honest/sincere, patient (sometimes), a good friend (hopefully), optimistic (most of the time?)
Weaknesses: incredibly shy outside of the internet, not usually able to handle confrontations, easily embarrassed, procrastination, laziness, hopeless romantic, sometimes pessimistic depending on my mood

Hobbies: watching tv/movies/anime, reading books/manga, playing videogames, listening to music, using the internet, hanging out with friends and family
Favorite Color: pink, though I like lots of other colors too
What is your favorite food?: hamburgers and sushi
Favorite Country (without taking Hetalia into consideration): Japan~ even before I got into Hetalia, I loved learning about the country!
Mature or Childish?: hopefully mature when it's necessary, but sometimes childish?
Would you prefer to lead or follow?: follow, because I'd be an awful leader, haha.

Let's Talk HETALIA
Favorite Character and WHY: Japan! As I said, I've always had an interest in the country and culture of Japan. Plus he's adorable!
Is there a certain strip that really sticks out for you?: the "Ghost Culture of England and Japan" was one. It was one of the first strips that helped me realize just how serious Hetalia can get sometimes. I loved how England was communicating with the kappa about Japan's culture, especially since I have an interest in Japan's culture myself. It actually seemed a bit somber what with the conversation about Japan's disappearing culture and everything. I also love the strip "the Anglo-Japanese Alliance between two lonely people" not just because I happen to like England/Japan, but because I just thought it was sweet that England and Japan were able to find a friend in each other despite their cultural differences and loner personalities.
Hamburgers or Tea OR MAPLE SYRUP?: hamburgers forever!
Who dresses the best in the series? ♥: imo, Japan :3 I love his kimono outfits in particular~ (especially Fem!Japans!) ♥
America/Alfred wants to watch a scary movie! Which one would you pick?: D: do I have to watch something scary!?! [/hates scary movies too, hah!]
How about a favorite ship/couple?: Greece/Japan!! but I seriously can't pick between that and England/Japan, America/Japan, France/England and my original Hetalia OTPs of Germany/Italy and HRE/Chibitalia. Among a ton of other pairs, too. Don't make me choose! ;3; But yes, I fell in love with Greece/Japan ever since reading the strip where they "slept" together, haha. They just seem so perfect for each other, imo. It's like the epitome of fluff! (and I love fluff!) But really, I guess the entire world/Japan and world/world would be my OTPs otherwise. ♥

Do you believe in spirits or ghosts?: a little, though I can't really say for sure if I do or don't.
You're at war! Do you take the enemy head-on with full force or lay back and take time to tactically move your forces?: the latter. I would never charge in head-on, hah.
You have to be transported to a deserted island! Oh no! You're allowed to take three items; what are these items?: a boat, food, and water!
Please describe how you look or share a picture if you have one: Long dark brown hair (some have said it even looks black, but it's really brown!), dark brown eyes, short, apparently I look younger than I am (according to friends, anyway?), sometimes wearing glasses (but I don't need them all the time!). I often wear my hair in a ponytail but I sometimes wear it down, too.

Any final words?: Nope!
Would you be so kind as to link those surveys you voted on before posting this?: 1, 2, 3
Oh, can I see your vital regions?: NO WAY! [/smacks -3-]
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