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I'm a (H)ERO... or not... Yeah, I'm not pretty original...

It's All About YOU
Name or Nickname:Sara
What do you LOVE?:Life; laughing; being with my friends; culture, languages, learning new, interesting stuff; reading; watching films or anime; manga; feeling I'm important to someone, helping people; my dog, music, water (like, swimming or drinking or seeing it), animals in general (except bugs); videogames and people. Oh, I love people too!!
And what do you HATE?:There are few things I really hate... let's think... criminals, red pepper... Close-minded people really piss me off, as well as being ignored... I am pretty short (156cm) and that makes it really difficult to be heard by my friends sometimes... annoying, isn't it?... Oh, *sees previous answer* and bugs... I really hate bugs... and seafood is like bugs for me, too...
Strengths:Well, I may look like I'm very emotional, but I think I'm kind of analytical, actually. I mean I can manage to feel the way I want to, and be the way I want to be (most of the time. I have always wanted to be a trusting, friendly and optimistic person, and I think I am. Another thing I like about me is that I want to help everyone around me *thinks people do not care about others nowadays* <-generalization, but I can't help but feel I should do better... It's not easy to make me angry, either (but my mother manages to do it pretty often), and I forgive and forget pretty easily. In fact, my memory is super fast at blocking bad memories, and I end up having memory gaps ^^U
And due to everything I've said here, I'm also a very reliable person... I think
And I have a good sense of humor, though I laugh at almost everything xDD
Emm, is that it? I got many more than what I was expecting, though dunno if you may think they are really strengths... ^^U
Weaknesses: Well, I'm certain I have many weaknesses. I'm pretty indecisive (like, I actually trully answered "Maybe? I dunno..." when someone commented I was), and I want to please others (didn't I say that was one of my strengths?). At the same time, I want them to praise me, maybe due to my lack of self-confidence. I am not too certain about what I do, and if it is the best way to do things, so I ask others for their opinion on the matter, expecting it to match my own (but I do this only to feel I am doing the right thing, I do not change my personal opinions if someone thinks different, I just feel uneasy for a while... ^^U). I am also a pretty sensitive person, and I like what we call "human contact" here in Spain (which is like hugs, and people tapping my head, or playing with my hair, or holding my hand... you know) I really like it but... when someone shows me their affection in that kind of way, or when I feel touched by something... I just can't show it, I don't know why... I just... get stiff and joke about something else... isn't it a very stupid reaction? But I really don't know how to react... ^^U Anyway, I am a too trusting person, I believe almost everything I'm told, mainly because I think everyone is good, so they are not going to lie to me. And when I don't really believe in them, then I think they may have some kind of problem to tell lies, and try to help, which will lead to my death some day xDD
And after all I've told you, I am also pretty impulsive when I'm pissed off, and react in a way my friends are surprised to see, and afterwards comment on it as "OMG I was really scared", but none of them have seen me more than once in that mood, and most of them have never seen me like that... As I said, I do not get angry very easily! ^^
I am also a lazy person, and I'm ALWAYS late... to EVERYTHING... I think I'll get late to my own death, too xDD
I'm pretty easy to get to know, but I don't let others know me. I mean, I love meeting people, and tell them whatever they want to know about me, but I don't really like to talk about how I really am inside. I'm more complex and weirder than what they think I am, but I am trying to change that, by talking about me to others, writing things like this... xDD
Also, I am very obsessive, but tend to change my obsessions a lot (trying to change that, too). And I'm a shopaholic when it comes to my obsessions...
Uhmmm this is getting very long, I'll cut it here, sorry I'm so boring ^^U

Hobbies:reading, listening to music, learning languages, manga, anime, LJ, videogames (I'm a Nintendo girl), going out with my friends, travelling (when I can afford it), talking (when I'm not being ignored, what usually happens when there is someone more interesting in the group), youtube... very normal hobbies, aren't they?
Favorite Color: Blue! Any kind of blue, I love blue!
What is your favorite food?: Anything except pepper and seafood. I especially like italian food, japanese food, spanish food, german food and french food, in that order... really! I even liked british food when I went to England and Scotland!!! I really don't get why UK is said to be a bad cook ^^U Oh, and I LOVE strawberries and croquettes!!
Favorite Country (without taking Hetalia into consideration): Well, of course I love UK+Ireland (that's why I study english philology, anglophilia xDD) but since I've started to read manga and been to Japan, It's very difficult to choose. I can't decide ^^U
Mature or Childish?:Definitely childish, and because I want to be!! (PROUD TO BE SO, TOO)
Would you prefer to lead or follow?: I have been wondering so, myself. I usually follow, but I love it when I lead... I can't usually do it, with people who know me too well and know I won't get angry if they lead, you know, it's difficult, but sometimes I do. And I always lead when I get to know new people while travelling and so, and take care of them and so on. So I can do both, usually follow, but enjoy leading (that may be because I don't do it often? I'm lazy, as I said) xDD

Let's Talk HETALIA
Favorite Character and WHY:It's been changing since I've got into Hetalia, I think right now it's Chibitalia, because that's cuteness, indeed!! But, it's very difficult, all of them close enough to be the fave one, also
Is there a certain strip that really sticks out for you?: All of them are wonderful, but when I see one with Spain, my little heart bumps with pride ^^
Hamburgers or Tea OR MAPLE SYRUP?: Tea!!! of course!!! and any kind of tea, and any kind of hot water with leaves in it, also ^^U *drinks more tea*
Who dresses the best in the series? ♥: Austria-san. I love that fashion xDD and just look the clothes he bought for Hungary and Chibitalia!!
America/Alfred wants to watch a scary movie! Which one would you pick?: The Ring? But I don't watch many scary movies, so if he finds Sleepy Hollow scary enough, I would stick with that and have a good laugh xDD
How about a favorite ship/couple?: Can't say... HRExChibitalia, USxUK, UKxJapan, Su-sanxFinland, those are in my TOP 1 "list" xDD

Do you believe in spirits or ghosts?:Not really, maybe spirits, but definitely not ghosts, like, white and scary... not like that
You're at war! Do you take the enemy head-on with full force or lay back and take time to tactically move your forces?: I would rather let some other country do the reckless killing, and then help, cause I do not want to let my men die ^^U Anyway, before reaching this point, I would have tried to talk to the enemy, so no one gets killed, but... it seems it didn't work, ne? xDD
You have to be transported to a deserted island! Oh no! You're allowed to take three items; what are these items?: are? well, let's see, a hunter knife, a tent and a net (fishing is easier than hunting)... I wonder why I have to be transported there, though...
Please describe how you look or share a picture if you have one:As I said I'm short (156). I'm chubby, blonde and blue-eyed. My skin is very pale (when I wear skirts or short trousers so my legs can be seen, people call me "ghost") I don't look very spanish, do I? xDD

Any final words?: I... I am sorry it was so long and boring ^^U
Would you be so kind as to link those surveys you voted on before posting this?:1,2,3...
Oh, can I see your vital regions?:Tha... that's private! *blushes*
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