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Hetalia Rating Community

Let's get NATIONAL.

Axis Powers Hetalia Rating Community
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A rating community for Axis Powers Hetalia

Ever wondered what Hetalia character your personality matches most? Well, you're in the best place to find this out! Welcome to the Axis Powers Hetalia Rating Community!
But, I do have a few guidelines for you!

✪ No insulting, flaming, etc. Drama is a big NO-NO!
✪ STAYING ACTIVE is greatly appreciated! Even after being stamped, it would be wonderful if you sticked around to continue voting!
✪ You must join the community to post.
✪ If you haven't been stamped yet, please do continue to stamp! We'd really appreciate it!
✪ Put everything under an LJ-cut. It's pre-provided in the form- Might as well use it, right?
✪ Please put "!unstamped" in your tags! It makes it much easier for us mods to sort through all the applications that need stamping.
✪ Do not change the form to be in favor of a character you want. What's the point of that? And remember, the longer your answer the better the evaluators get a grasp as too what character you resemble most.
✪ If you wish for a re-stamp, you're required to wait at least two weeks before doing the survey. Try not to do this too often. Twice, at most. And be sure to include who you were previously stamped as so that you do not receive a duplicate stamp.
✪ Please vote on THREE surveys (if applicable, if three are not available then vote on as many as you can) before submitting your own survey.
✪ Try to put some thought into WHY you stamp someone and that character. Be sure to elaborate in the vote itself.
✪ Please put your vote in bold!
✪ You will be stamped after you receive EIGHT votes on your survey. If it takes more than TWO WEEKS to receive said amount of votes, then there is the "most votes wins" scenario.
✪ Put "I'm a HERO" somewhere in your subject line to show you read these rules.
IMPORTANT NEW RULE: We have implemented a self-stamping system here, due to the size of the community and amount of applications we get daily. When you have eight votes or the two week period has passed, you are stamped! Change your tags ("!unstamped" to "!stamped", and then "stamped!character", replacing "character" with whoever you were stamped as), and pick up your stamp at the appropriate post. If your character lacks a stamp and/or tag, please drop a comment at the appropriate stamp post and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!
Intro post, comments, questions, affiliating, etc.


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